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"THE COVE" Commercial

MCHS EAST program partners with "The Cove" . Grocery & Station

Most patrons outside of the Magnet Cove Area do NOT know about the "The Cove" Grocery & Station.  This is a place where people can stop by and grab a delicious meal at the "Cove Cafe."  MCHS EAST discovered a need for advertisement, so we produced a commercial which can be shown on their facebook page.

Lodestone Documentary

"The Mineral of Magnet Cove"

The MCHS EAST program had the opportunity to interview Mr. Jim Kimzey about the lodestone mineral which can be found on his property.  There were two periods of time in which the lodestone was mined on the Kimzey property which help put Magnet Cove on the map.

Veterans  Appreciation Day 2019

Mr. Jason Parker

Veterans Appreciation Day 2019

MCHS EAST sponsors our Annual Veterans Appreciation Day. Each year we invite our local veterans to come and let us give them recognition which they deserve on a daily basis. This year our guest speaker was retired Staff Sergeant Jason Parker, a local Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. Jason has two children who were Magnet Cove graduates. R.J. Parker (2015) and Dustyn Parker (2013)


Film & Animation


Veterans Day Commercial

MCHS EAST students created videos to invite our local veterans to attend the Veterans Day Appreciation Ceremony

Drone Projects

Friday Nights in the Cove

The MCHS Drone team was asked to get a birds eye view of what a typical Friday night at a Magnet Cove High School  Football game looks like.

Magnet Cove School District Commercial

MCHS EAST students were tasked with creating a commercial for our school website.


Life on Kepler 452b


NASA HUNCH program

MCHS EAST students have created a virtual reality video which addresses the prompt for the NASA HUNCH video challenge 2019 - 2020.  Living and Working on the Moon and Beyond. 


Kepler 452b Virtual Reality (VR)

Colin Julian, Elijah McKeown, Jess Bowen, and Morrison Wells have created a virtual reality game answering the question "Can life be sustainable for humans on this planet."

PSA Commercials

Don't Vape

The PSA examines the growing epidemic of vaping within the high school population.

Drinking & Driving

The PSA examines how the actions of one person under the influence of alcohol can effect many lives.

Suicide Prevention

The PSA examines suicide and how one person's actions can make all the difference.

Dangers of Distracted Driving

The PSA Dennis the Shark examines the dangers of distracted driving.

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