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Shane Hartsell

EAST Facilitator

My name is Shane Hartsell and I am the EAST Facilitator at Magnet Cove High School. The 2022 -2023 school year marks my 25 years in education.  I have been at the Magnet Cove School District for 17 years.  My door is always open if you would like to talk about problems or concerns.  If you need to contact me via e-mail at and the classroom number is (501) 332-5466 (EXT 11).  My conference period is 8th Period  (2:20 - 3:07 PM) if you need to schedule a meeting with me.  


Parent / Guardian Contact Information

Parent / Guardian, would you please click on the link Parent / Guardian Contact Form and fill out.  Thank You,

If student's Parent / Guardian would fill out this online form if your student is an EAST Student, this would be greatly appreciated,

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MCHS EAST Syllabus & Participation Contract

In order to participate in MCHS students and their parents MUST read and sign the MCHS EAST Syllabus & Participation contract.

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Google Classroom & Remind Codes

How to sign-up for Google Classroom and Remind on the MCHS EAST Website



These are the codes to your google classroom & REMIND listed by each period.  If you are enrolled in one or more of these periods, you NEED to sign - up INDIVIDUALLY for EACH class you are enrolled in.  (Example:  You may be in 7th Period EAST I - IV and 8th Period EAST I - IV,  sign up for BOTH classes in Google Classroom and Remind)


Google Classroom Codes & REMIND CODES


1ST PERIOD:  GOOGLE CLASSROOM                    ckdxurh  

                                   REMIND                                  @mchseast1

3RD PERIOD:  GOOGLE CLASSROOM                  hqa4jkn

                                   REMIND                               @mchseast3

4THPERIOD:  GOOGLE CLASSROOM                  xcc4y4g

                                   REMIND                           @mchseast4

5TH PERIOD:  GOOGLE CLASSROOM                  a7c7gpm

                                   REMIND                             @mchsdrones

6TH PERIOD:  GOOGLE CLASSROOM                 7qn2be5

                                   REMIND                              @mchseast6

7TH PERIOD:  GOOGLE CLASSROOM               7ka2dpa

                                   REMIND                             @mchseast7

8TH PERIOD:  GOOGLE CLASSROOM               ikcxt2c

                                   REMIND                             @mchseast8


Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 12.18.36

EAST Summer Seminar 2020

July 22 - 24,  2020

Mr, Hartsell attended the EAST Summer Seminar "EAST MEETS WEST" virtually


Mr. Hartsell's Schedule

2021 - 2022 School Year

 1st  (8:00 - 8:47AM)  EAST I - IV

 2nd (8:52 - 9:39AM)  Conference

 3rd  (9:44 - 10:31AM) EAST I - II

4th  (10:36 - 11:28AM)  EAST I - IV 

5th  (11:33AM - 12:15PM)  Drones I & II

LUNCH   (12:20 - 12:45PM)

6th  (12:50 - 1:37PM)  EAST I - IV

7th  (1:42 - 2:29PM)  EAST I - IV

8th  (2:34 - 3:23PM) EAST I - IV


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Follow Us on Social Media

We encourage students and parent(s) /guardian(s) to keep up with what we are doing in class by following us on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.

Contact Us

472 Magnet School Rd, Malvern, AR 72104, USA

(501) 332-5466

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